description of  “Voice of Inner Wisdom Dream Reliquary”

She came to me in a dream softly whispering in my ear. I just knew that it was the  “Voice of Inner Wisdom” coming from inside me & from all around me- there was no body that I could discern. "Time to move on. All will be well!" she whispered. I didn’t believe her because what I wanted to do didn’t make practical sense so I ignored her. She became relentless, visiting me on a nightly basis. There was always a copper colored glow in my dream that I sensed was her ethereal form. Finally in my waking life I began to get messages through people & situations that I interpreted as also coming from the “Voice of Inner Wisdom”. I believe that the dream world & our” reality” world share archetypal symbols through language & situations that try to guide us in a supportive way. There is a definite cross over from one world to the next. When I didn’t listen to the voice in my dreams, situations were created for me in my “reality” world that made me “take the leap”. Once I did, I knew that the “Voice of Inner Wisdom” was right- it was time to move on & as it turns out all is well- in fact, great! She visited me one last time in a dream- once again there was not a body but instead I was surrounded by a loving copper colored glow.

 I wanted to honor the “Voice of Inner Wisdom” by making a reliquary for her, with the relic being that ineffable voice. A reliquary is a container for a relic. The word relic comes from the Latin reliquiae, meaning "remains" or "something left behind". A relic is a material object, a memento, something left behind of personal meaning that achieves significance by being collected and honored and sequestered within a reliquary.

 What could she or the voice possibly look like? One of the delights of being an artist is creating the visual interpretation of what one is trying to express. I chose beeswax for her armature because when I was going through this intense metamorphosis I started listening to a book on CD called  “Traveling With Pomegranates”- a memoir by Sue Monk Kidd & her daughter. Sue’s references to Jungian symbolic situations in her life brought back my own memories of Jungian therapy & reminded me to pay attention to what was happening in my life. For Ms. Kidd a series of dreams & events involving bees led her to trust in writing her best selling book “A Secret Life of Bees”. An event that happened to me that relates to my choice of beeswax, took place when I was in Santa Fe during an icy cold November week. I prayed for clarity about my situation, to the Virgen de Guadalupe Shrine & a bee came & walked all over her right after I finished my prayer. I turned to show my friend & when we looked back the bee was gone. It was very odd to see a bee after multiple frosts. I took it as a sign to trust in my “Inner Voice of Wisdom” & ‘just do it!” I had multiple experiences like this leading up to my creating a big change in my life.

I chose to use copper in many forms to represent the copper glow as seen in my dreams. There are also symbols carved into the wax, representing the symbology of my sleeping & waking dream messages. I put a crown on her to represent power- the power of good, of course! The lips with a stream of gems & pearls of wisdom coming from them to represent “voice”, rise up from the crown. Inside the crown is a pyramid shape, which contains the relic: my representation of the “Voice of Inner Wisdom”. I put a pair of ears on the drawer to symbolize listening. They are BIG to stress the importance of paying attention to what we hear from our “Voice of Inner Wisdom”. Inside the drawer are some meaningful quotes about listening to our “Inner Voice of Wisdom” from both contemporary & ancient philosophers- it has been noted throughout the ages that we receive wonderful guidance if we listen. I also thought that the owner of this piece could put in meaningful quotes & perhaps journal writing about their own experiences with the “Voice of Inner Wisdom”.

© Deedee Hampton 2012