a head map: “Voyage Over a Life Time: Inside My Head”

“Voyage Over a Life Time: Inside My Head”


My voyage over my life time is to find & try to stay in, that inner peace, balanced place that comes after doing meditation or yoga or a long walk in the woods or getting lost in my art process or connecting with another person. I used an album cover called “Voyage” to hold the inside maps- which reflect my internal state of mind(s). On the outside of the cover is a vintage postcard about having a fair voyage & a compass for guidance. Inside, on the left (thinking brain) side, I started with layers of monkey mind that represent the feeling of being “all over the map!” and slowly settle into the blooming lotus mind of “after meditation glow” on the right (intuitive brain) side. Underneath the layers on the left side is the left hemisphere of my brain that shows busy states of mind: such as “Unsettled States of Mind” and on the right hemisphere areas like the “Sea of Tranquility”.

© Deedee Hampton 2012