A Cartographic Reliquary:“Home Sweet Home is Where the Heart Is”

“Home Sweet Home is Where the Heart Is”


I made an assemblage Spirit House to hold the- precious to me- concept of “HOME” in it. HOME is that place where we are loved, safe, & warm, taken care of. I placed the Spirit House on stilts in a child’s wagon with nostalgic children’s toys around the base to represent the state of being taken care of, as one is, in a healthy nurturing childhood. There is also an old Fortune Card, the 9 of Diamonds, that says “The heart signifies great joy when near”. The lamp wick in the center of the child’s blocks that spell out HOME, represents the spiritual light of being HOME. I put a metal house milagro (Mexican miracle offering) on an anatomically correct heart inside the Spirit House because “home is where the heart is”. The roof is comprised of a map book, entitled “Map, Finding Your Way Home”. The map starts off with a nostalgic vintage postcard “Home Sweet Home” and moves into a child playing “Hopscotch” which is the beginning of the path to HOME. At the end of the map it makes a loop back to the beginning, showing that HOME is inside us. (another play on the words “Home is Where the Heart Is”- our heart.) 

© Deedee Hampton 2012