a body map: “Hair & Bone Body Mandala Map”

“Hair & Bone Body Mandala Map”


The map package is tied with a red ribbon around a figure representing my body. There is a compass symbol inside my chest to represent inner guidance and a bone & some of my hair tied with a red thread which references the Rumi quote inside on the map. I created a symbolic history of my body, using embossed aluminum as the base for the labyrinth that represents my journey in life. The map is surrounded by creatures- as often seen in vintage maps. The legend is a quote by Rumi, which I chose because I feel it sums up our lives- as lived in our bodies. (it really says brother but I changed it to sister since I am a woman)  

It says:

“O sister, you are your very thought

As for the rest, you are only hair & bone.

If your thought is a rose, you’re a garden of roses

If it’s a thorn, you’re but fuel for the stove.

      Jalaluddin Rumi

The words “child”, “maiden”, “mother” and “crone” on each quarter piece of the map, at the center, represent the physical, emotional, spiritual stages of my life. The paper “pop up bodies” at the center were cut out snowflake style and the colors and symbols on each figure represent my body and what it has experienced on it’s journey through life. The paper bodies fold out into a Mandala. A mandala is a symbol representing the self & inner harmony in Jungian psychology.

© Deedee Hampton 2012