A Map for Being in the Right Place at the Right Time:“And the Stars Aligned”

“And the Stars Aligned”


Fate, opportunity, effort and luck all synchronized so that I was able to buy the property of my early adulthood dreams and build my home on it. Most days I am aware of and grateful for this amazing alignment (of the stars?) that gives me so much joy and comfort!

 I used pictorial symbols (a la Otto Neurath): stick figures to represent family members, “sold” signs to represent the selling & buying of my homes, stars for alignment/synchronicity; house w/heart to represent HOME; my personal symbols- the raven, the iris & scales; I represented the 4 seasons in my home with snowflakes (winter), baby birds (spring), flowers (summer) and yellow aspen leaves (fall) etc. I have a mandala with earth, air, fire and water in it as my cartouche. I also threw in a feng shui bagua map of my home since this is a tool that I use to create auspicious areas in my home.

© Deedee Hampton 2012