description of "OhMite Has the Answer"

OhMite is made from a doll that a friend was throwing out- she had lost her hair & wasn’t looking too good in my friend’s opinion- combined with a toy seahorse. I made the seahorse fins from metal sheet. I also used paint & the tiny starfish were a gift from a friend, other than that everything else is recycled. She is stands on a ceiling light fixture that I found in a dump & that sits on top of an old Christmas cookie tin. The blue fish in the front came from a drink I had at a luau in Hawaii. The mermaids along the sides came from margaritas that friends & I enjoyed one night at a Mexican restaurant in Boulder, Co. The sea shells were found by me in multiple places: St. Simon’s Island, Ga., Jacksonville, Fla. and Angola, Africa. There are plastic turtle shells on the sides that were in a giveaway box at a garage sale.  I used wire from a garage sale grab box; the “charms” hanging off it are from the not lost half of a pair of earrings or a bag of unwanted stuff that a neighbor gave me when moving. The crown is from a tiny bottle of Drambuie liqueur. The words “OhMite Has the Answer” came from a small cardboard box of electrical things that was cleared out of a tool shed. This was the inspiration for the piece- I thought it was hilarious that it said that OhMite has the answer & it inspired me to create an image of this wondrous being!!  OhMite stands on a piece of clear glass that I found in a trash can at work. Underneath her are more shells & a pearl (of wisdom) that came from a broken necklace.

© Deedee Hampton 2012