“Feed the Soul With Practices That Honor Its Presence”


         A couple years ago my Dad was clearing out some stuff & gave me a grey cloth & bead wrapped straw broom (?)- we weren’t real sure what it was but I added it to my collection of “junk”. I attached a doll’s head & a wooden hand to it (thrift store). The hand is in the mudra position of dispelling fear. She began to develop into a symbolic mother earth figure. A friend of mine had bought a rubber snake to put in her garden to scare away chipmunks & rabbits but after a couple of seasons she decided that it didn’t work & was going to throw it away- I said “I’ll take it!” I wrapped the snake around the figure, enhancing its “primitive” appearance & creating an ouroboros which often represents cyclicality, especially in the sense of something constantly re-creating itself, the eternal return, and other things perceived as cycles that begin anew as soon as they end- which in this case is the seasons. She stands on a Bundt cake mold (thrift store). I had the topaz glass bottle stopper in my pile of “junk” because the shaft has a chip on it and it worked great to cover the hole in her head & lend her a crown chakra like glow. An elderly friend who was dying gave me a huge bag of costume jewelry & loose beads- I used some around the head & the star beads around the planets. I bought the Styrofoam balls that I turned into little planet earths by using torn up discarded maps. The silver leaf hanging from the top is the “not lost half” of a pair of earrings. I used old wire from a garage sale give away box. The metal jar top that says “Flavor” was found in a dump. I thought the word flavor was appropriate since I am talking about feeding the soul. I bought the Milagros that I sewed onto the grey cloth, used paint & a paint marker on her face to write the words: “Feed the soul with practices that honor its presence”.

Deedee Hampton


23” by 13”


© Deedee Hampton 2012